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To reserve your place with us!

To finalize your reservation, please complete the form below.
(1 form per participant)

A confirmation will be sent to you by email.

We will contact you within the next 24 hours to inform you of the latest details regarding your reservation.

We ask for a deposit for some of our services, the rest of the payment will be paid after the onsite service.

Sélectionnez un service

Please note that kitesurfing is an extreme sport requiring a high level of concentration, agility and coordination. Several hours of lessons are necessary in order to become independent on the water.  

The risks related to the activities are injuries due to falls or other movements, cold or hypothermia, contact with water or drowning, etc.

The conditions of participation are: Good physical shape, be a good swimmer and have a minimum weight of 80 lbs.

It is always possible to change the reservation date but we do not refund any cancellation request.

When the lesson is scheduled, usually by phone the day before the lesson, it is impossible to modify or cancel it.  

Please note that due to weather conditions, we cannot guarantee the requested service. We will try to reschedule the activity if the weather conditions are unfavourable. If it is impossible to move the activity, a full refund will be made. 

Your weight and wetsuit size allow us to choose the right equipment and wind conditions for you.

Thank you for registering, we will contact you shortly!

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